Epiroc introduced the Pit Viper 291 blasthole drill rig. The large-diameter, single-pass drill delivers productivity, flexibility, and enhanced safety with autonomous drilling options, the company reported.

With a 38-metric-ton (mt) bit load capacity, the drill was designed for soft- to medium-ground conditions and is capable of up to 311-mm-diameter holes. It offers 356 kN of pulldown capacity, 156 kN of pulldown force and 14,900 Nm torque.

Featuring the Rig Control System, the Pit Vipter 291 can be configured with scalable automation, such as autonomous drilling. AutoDrill, AutoLevel and the optional BenchREMOTE allow for remote operation. One operator can remotely control multiple rigs.

The deck layout offers easy access to all major service components, Epiroc reported. Ground-level, fast fuel fill connections are standard, and ground-level live sampling is available. Spool valves are centrally located above the deck for accessibility.

Separately, Epiroc showcased the new Boltec M10 and Boltec E10 mechanized rock reinforcement drill rigs for medium and large drifts. Versatile and with intelligence options, the rigs are designed to increase safety, productivity and bolt installation quality, the supplier reported.

With self-drilling anchor bolts and pumpable resin, the rigs can perform single bolt and multi-bolt installation automatically. The capability facilitates teleremote bolting and offers bolting during shift changes.

The rigs can handle several different types of bolts, mesh and methods; and radial, face bolting and extension drilling, Epiroc said. A battery-electric driveline comes optional. The air-conditioned cabin reduces noise and filters the air. Upgrades are available.