Volvo Construction Equipment’s Hauler Chassis is a recently introduced, modular concept by which customers can order a standard Volvo articulated dump truck, minus load body or hoist cylinders. These base machines then provide a platform for the end user, Volvo dealer or third party body builder to modify to suit the specific solution required.

The range of possible options is wide, but includes popular configurations such as water tanker, hook lift, ejector body or fifth wheel for pulling a wide range of trailers. Bolt-on frame extensions, in 1.2 and 1.7-m lengths, are also available for the company’s A25F and A30F ADT-based chassis for added flexibility.

According to Volvo CE, ordering a Hauler Chassis is simple, requiring just the selection of a standard hauler chassis and a series of added/deleted options. Volvo can provide technical support in the selection process, as well as Body Builder Instructions (BBI) developed by its engineers. BBI is a web-based tool that includes drawings, specifications and other technical information to help integrate the new body and ensure that the finished machine performs safely and effectively. The tool also describes the installation process in detail, highlights various superstructure possibilities and emphasizes the simplicity with which Volvo haulers can be adapted. Additionally, it clarifies each party’s responsibilities and legal issues associated with the project.

Volvo notes that a selection of optional equipment is offered within the Hauler Chassis program, as are hydraulic interfaces to suit a range of applications, thereby reducing build time. In addition to the standard machine hydraulics, an auxiliary open or closed center system is fitted that allows for body connection without additional modifications.

According to Volvo, Hauler Chassis-based machines retain all of the advantages of its articulated hauler design; and, in most cases, can be rebuilt into a standard articulated hauler, increasing machine resale value considerably.

The F-Series models are equipped with CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system that enables remote monitoring of a wide range of machine functions and optimization of customer operations. These machines are also supported by a global network of Volvo dealers and are available with a selection of customer support agreements, according to the company.