Sleipner Finland Oy is developing a fully electric and autonomous transport system. The system is designed to operate in mines that already use automated equipment, the supplier said.

The system can be scaled to different weight classes. The control system is brand independent. It is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -40° to 50°C (-40° to 122°F). “Components from well-known manufacturers are also used, ensuring that maintenance is as smooth as possible globally,” the company said.

The battery system can use renewable energy solutions for charging, the company said. “The transport system can be used to transport, for example, drills, bulldozers and also battery packs at mines,” CTO Teijo Höylä said. “In this way, battery power can be provided on a large scale, which helps in the electrification of mines and the efficient operation of batterypowered equipment.”

The first deliveries are planned for 2026.