Sandvik reported its AutoMine for Trucks enables autonomous haulage, turning intelligent mining trucks into unmanned robots that keep running.

AutoMine for Trucks enables autonomous ramp haulage, and leverages smart handover technology that allows trucks to switch from underground to surface navigation mode in real time, Sandvik reported. This allows trucks to continue through the ramp portal seamlessly to the surface to complete the dumping cycle.

Field results show AutoMine reduces equipment damage and repair work, while adding the highest levels of efficiency and fleet utilization, giving a lower cost per ton, the company reported. The solution is scalable and can be supervised from remote applications.

AutoMine connects to Sandvik OptiMine, enabling efficient production planning and automatic dispatch of tasks to AutoMine for production execution, Sandvik reported. The progress of production tasks are reported back to OptiMine, giving mines real-time visibility of their automated and manual operations, and enabling them to make informed decisions on their operation