GHH reported the articulated LF-7 loader carries a 7-mt, 3.6-m3 payload.

For large narrow vein or small mass mining operations, the LF-7 is 8.9 m long, 2.2 m wide at the bucket, and 2.2 m high. It weighs 18 mt, and is powered by a 164-kW Cummings diesel that complies with Tier 3 and 4 and Stage 5 emissions standards.

The loader has a four-gear Dana transmission. It can handle grades of 28% and offers a max speed of 27 km/h. It comes standard with a ROPS/FOPS-certified cab with a t-back seat.

The loader offers very low operating costs, GHH reported. Other benefits include ground-level maintenance, machine monitoring capabilities, and proximity detection. It is ideally matched with the MK-A20 truck.