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Graphene-enhanced Boots

First Graphene Ltd. reported successful prototype trials with Steel Blue of graphene-enhanced boots. The boots were manufactured using First Graphene’s PureGRAPH 10 graphene powder, which are non-aggregated, uniform-sized...

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Seals Now NSF 61 Certified

Chesterton expanded its offering of NSF 61-certified mechanical seals to include all its single cartridge seals as well as split seals. Previously, Chesterton’s NSF products were limited to the 155 Single Cartridge Seal and the...

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Data Assimilation and Tracking System

CAS DataLoggers announced dataTaker, a data assimilation system for plants, sites and equipment. For hauler fleet management, it can be part of a brake monitoring system that logs the speeds, brake temperatures, gear levels and...

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Underground Truck

Caterpillar announced its new AD45 Underground Mining Truck is available in configurations that meet the strictest emissions standards. The truck features a payload of 45 metric tons (mt) and is designed to be paired with the...

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Borehole Surveying Instrument

Devico launched the DeviGyro, which the company described as the world’s smallest multifunctional borehole gyro instrument. The solution surveyed a 2,410-m in-and-out drill hole in 76 minutes, collecting 45,600 survey data...

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Acoustic Monitoring of Machine Health

South Australia’s Ping Services launched a device that uses acoustic analysis, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to continuously detect wind turbine blade damage. The solution, Ping Monitor, leverages an...

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Impactor Design Means Less Downtime

Stedman Machine Co. reported the Grand Slam horizontal shaft impactor is designed to simplify maintenance. It allows for fast, safe rotation or removal of rotor breaker bars by a single operator, the company reported. Opening...

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Blasting Consulting Service Enhanced

Dyno Nobel Americas announced enhancements to DynoConsult, the company’s consulting service. The new DynoConsult has a wider reach with more experts and programs that include increasing saleable yield, managing regulatory...

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Biggest Water Truck in Oz

Austin Engineering reported it commissioned the first of its Stairway Access Tank (SAT) trucks. The first tank off the line has a 198,000-liter capacity, is fitted to a CAT 793C haul truck, and is reported to be the biggest...

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Coax System for Underground Comms

Strata Worldwide introduced Digital-BRIDGE Plus+, which, the company reported, enables underground mines to upgrade their existing leaky feeder systems with high-speed Ethernet data access while supporting VHF radio...

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Extra Capacity for Blasthole Drill Rigs

Epiroc released the eXtra Capacity (XC) package for the Pit Viper 270 (PV-270) series blasthole drill rigs. The package enables the rigs, described by Epiroc as an industry staple, to provide 85,000 lb bit load capacity. It...

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Rock Bolter Offers Higher Penetration Rate

Sandvik launched the DS512i rock bolter for 5-m-by-5-m size headings. It is equipped with a new carrier, high-frequency rock drill, control system and an ergonomic cabin. The rock bolter comes equipped with a Sandvik RD314...

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