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Vertical-rise Lift for Big Machines UG

Mohawk reported its vertical-rise lifts offer a capacity of up to 240,000 lb. The company also offers a four-post lift with a capacity range of 19,000 lb to 120,000 lb. For underground ops, the company manufactures...

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Tablet for Hazardous Environs MOBILE GmbH presented the IS930.1, which is described as a robust tablet with ATEX and IECEx approval for use in hazardous environments. The unit has an 8-in. capacitive and low-reflection screen made of RugDisplay glass....

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Smart Phone App Tracks Drivers

Earthwave Technologies released FleetWatcher App, described as an App-as-a-Device solution that delivers tracking ability via a smart mobile device. Functionally it is comparable to a solution that uses a permanently installed...

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Underground Truck With Bigger Payload

Caterpillar released the AD63 Underground Articulated Truck, which, the company reported, offers a 5% increased payload (63 mt) and more torque for enhanced production capabilities over its predecessor, the AD60. The unit can be...

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Replacement Bodies Up Production

Austin Engineering announced New Ultima truck bodies are being trialed on 240-metric-ton (mt) haulers at Western Australian gold mines, where the bodies could improve fleet availability and productivity. The bodies were fitted...

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Shift Manager Software as App

RPMGlobal announced the MinVu Shift Manager app. MinVu Shift Manager is a short-term planning and execution software solution that allows users to collaborate and communicate through a single, integrated plan to drive more...

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Containers for PPE Sanitation From COVID

FORTAI announced the imminent release of the Sanitization SmartCube, used to sanitize personal protective equipment (PPE) and based on the company’s SmartCube solution. SmartCube is a mobile inventory management solution that...

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Machine Tracking System Gives 3D Representation

Propeller Aerobotics announced a beta program for DirtMate, described by the company as a machine tracking system that delivers survey-grade progress and productivity data whenever needed. DirtMate sensors fill in blind spots...

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Extra Extended Warranty on Engines

Cummins Inc. introduced the ENCOMPASS Extra extended warranty program for its latest F3.8, B4.5, B6.7 and L9 Performance Series engines. Cummins standard engine warranty is 2 years or 2,000 hours, whichever occurs first; or 1...

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Digital Meter for Harsh Environments

Simpson released the Eagle, described as a programmable digital meter with a reinforced fiberglass enclosure for extreme environment applications. The meter is programmable to measure AC/DC voltage, AC current or frequency. The...

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Potassium Measurement System for Potash

Berthold released the LB474, a potassium (and radioactive isotope K-40) content-measurement system for the potash industry. The system uses three different types of detectors, depending on the process conditions and mechanical...

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Fleet Management System

Stellar Industries introduced Stellar Telematics, which the company said will help customers optimize their fleet and increase uptime. The system consists of Fleet View for fleet managers and Stellar E-Link Mobile for operators....

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