The electronics engineering team at Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. have completed the first iteration of the company’s SPC4 Data Logger app. The company sees this as a milestone in its continued advancements in technology to provide a broader range of load-indicating solutions. Paired with the SPC4 406A Electronic Meter, it’s a user-friendly solution for monitoring fastener load in environments that require a Bluetooth connection.

“We saw the need to update the functionality of our 600A meter,” said Dirk Halley, projects engineering manager at Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. “Our objective was to further improve the user-friendly features of the meter and take advantage of this data-driven environment that we are seeing customers and partners move towards.”

The original handheld 406A Electronic Meter provides an accurate and convenient method to measure an SPC4 fastener, recording the actual tension within critical joints. The new app will further allow field users to port and aggregate fastener health data from any SPC4 to an Android device and store it in a configurable array set up by the mine.

After a simple setup and calibration, users can configure the app with their specific equipment and site details to monitor target clamp load during both fastener installations and routine inspection. This improved load monitoring method allows end users to pinpoint problems, optimize installation time, reduce downtime, and share data with key stakeholders at any time.