U.S. Gold Corp. recently completed a detailed gravity survey at its Maggie Creek exploration project on the Carlin Gold Belt in Nevada. U.S. Gold Corp. acquired the option to earn up to a 70% interest in the Maggie Creek project from Renaissance Gold through the company’s acquisition of Orevada Metals Inc. The detailed gravity survey will aid ongoing mapping and future targeting-drilling activities at Maggie Creek. The survey was completed by Magee Geophysical Services with processing and interpretation completed by Wright Geophysics. Gravity interpretation supports the historic geologic mapping and identified several structural zones and potential alteration zones that require field checking and other follow-up work.

“Considering the restrictions we all have been facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Gold Corp. has been able to make meaningful advancements on both of its key Nevada exploration projects,” said Ken Coleman, project geologist for U.S. Gold Corp. “The gravity survey at Maggie Creek will help focus initial surface mapping and sampling work on major interpreted and previously mapped structural zones and their intersections, some of which contain gold-bearing altered dikes and associated alteration zones. Structural intersection zones can be favorable for ore deposit formation, as evidenced by Newmont’s Gold Quarry mine just to the southwest.”

Coleman said some of more encouraging features in the gravity survey report are several areas along the Cress fault, termed “Good Hope parallel,” which may represent dolomitization. Dolomitization has been demonstrated to be associated with ore grade gold mineralization on the Carlin Belt and in many other Carlin-type deposits.

The entire gravity survey report can be reviewed here.