Codelco’s Andina Division in Chile reported the Industrial Integration Labor (SIIL) and Unificado de Trabajadores (SUT) unions rejected the company’s offer following mediation and collective bargaining process, and walked off the job on August 12 at 8 a.m.

Codelco said it was disappointed with the result of the vote, which ended with 82% of the miners rejecting the offer. The Andina Division, according it Codelco, faces a challenging commitment to achieve operational excellence and lower costs, to finance structural projects that will give the company 50 more years of life and thus continue to contribute to the development of the country.

During the course of negotiations that began in March, Codelco said Andina presented four other offers in which they sought to combine the legitimate aspirations of the workers with the present and future viability of the business. The last offer presented by the company contemplated the best possible effort by the administration, considering the demanding financial and operational situation that the division is going through and the high expectations of the country regarding the contribution of resources from Codelco, in the midst of global pandemic.