Syensqo Switchable Frother-minSyensqo, a new company recently spun out of the Solvay group, launched the Transfoamer product line, saying it’s the first groundbreaking frother innovation in more than 65 years. Well suited for coarse particle recovery, Transfoamer frothers are based on a novel technology that changes froth strength in response to pH, leading to more efficient copper recovery.

“Mines often use a blend of strong and weak frothers, which results in a steady froth but prevents the frother from performing at peak potential,” said Ricardo Capanema, global marketing and business development director for mining solutions at Syensqo. “Our new single-frother solution addresses this limitation and overfrothing issues common in the cleaner stage.”

Transfoamer frothers start as strong and robust frothers in the rougher circuit. Then, in response to pH, they switch to weaker frothers in the cleaner circuit, where less froth is needed. This unique property is particularly attractive for use in bulk copper and molybdenum flotation. For more challenging ore types, Transfoamer frothers can be further tailored with the Syensqo Cube connected dosing unit to optimize efficiency and recovery. Additionally, Transfoamer frothers do not build up or recirculate, which improves circuit stability.