Sigma Lithium remains on track to deliver its battery-grade high-purity sustainable lithium and initiate cash flow generation in the near-term. Approximately 25% of total construction is completed. Phase 1 construction remains on schedule and on budget for commissioning to commence by December.

“We remain focused on establishing Sigma Lithium as one of the world’s largest lithium producers, significantly progressing toward positive cash flow when delivering battery-grade sustainable lithium in the near term,” CEO and Co-chairperson Ana Cabral-Gardner said. “Our operating team has been consistently delivering all the execution milestones of the project’s construction and licensing, positioning the company to potentially participate as a producer in what may be one of the most favorable lithium markets of all time.”

The company said it is planning for approximately 600 professionals working on site, when the pace accelerates during peak civil construction and electromechanical assembly in October and November and reached significant completion level of 65% for the final 2D drawings of the construction.

Electromechanical assembly of the equipment for the production plant has commenced at respective suppliers manufacturing sites. Equipment is expected to begin arriving on site for installation toward the end of July.

Civil construction of foundations for the installation of the equipment of the production plant; civil construction of the run of mine (ROM) pad and ROM wall; construction of the company’s own high-voltage substation on site; and fabrication of platework and steel structure on site.

On July 5, the Brazilian government issued a presidential decree allowing unrestricted trade of any products containing lithium, updating the regulatory framework of the sector. This will eliminate the requirement to solicit quotas and export authorizations by the nuclear authority, positively modernizing and deregulating the entire lithium sector for the energy transition.

The company said this creates the regulatory conditions for Brazil to extend its leadership in environmentally and socially sustainable pre-chemical lithium concentrate further downstream into refined chemicals and cathode precursors/cathode paste, also affected by the export quotas and authorization requests to the nuclear authority.

On June 27, the company obtained the requested extension of its current environmental licenses to allow for the simultaneous mining of the north pit and the south pit of the Phase 1 deposit.

The company said this will allow it to plan a significant expansion of the production capacity in Phase 2 by increasing the area where the dry stacking of the tailings of the production plant is allowed and the expansion also makes the municipality of Araçuaí (where the south pit is located) eligible to receive royalties from Sigma Lithium’s production, sharing them with Itinga where the north pit and the production plant are located.