German hoisting specialists SIEMAG TECBERG signed an agreement with EuroChem to provide shaft hoisting systems for its Usolskiy potash complex in Russia. A planned expansion of the Usolskiy complex includes a third production shaft, Usolskiy Shaft No. 3. Construction has already started and the shaft will be sunk to a depth of about 512 m.

SIEMAG TECBERG is engineering and producing the shaft hoisting systems. Once delivered, the company will supervise assembly and commissioning, which includes a 6-m-dia., double-drum winding machine, the skips, and two loading stations underground for ore haulage, and a separate system for equipment and personnel.

The double-drum winder has a drive capacity of 4.55 megawatts (MW) and an annual hoisting capacity of up to 4.2 million metric tons (mt). It’s equipped with sliding bearings, a type SB1 hydraulic braking system, two 6-m-dia. rope sheaves for deflection, as well as automation and signalling equipment.

SIEMAG TECBERG will also supply 3.6-m-dia. rope drum hoisting machine for equipment and personnel. With a capacity of 1.5 MW (2 x 750 KW), the cage hoisting system has a 10-mt payload and two cage arresting devices.

Once commissioned, SIEMAG TECBERG said it will fully support the Usolskiy Complex company with the necessary spare parts and maintenance performed by its qualified personnel based at its regional facility at Berezniki in Russia’s Perm region.