Sandvik will introduce a new intelligent underground mining truck, the TH545i, which it said will offer improvements in safety, productivity and profitability. The new truck joins the company’s existing i-series truck family of Sandvik TH551i and Sandvik TH663i, launched in July.

The new Sandvik TH545i is designed for intelligent mine operations and improved productivity. Compared to its predecessor the Sandvik TH540, the truck offers a 5-metric-ton (mt) increase in payload over the Sandvik TH540. The truck’s standard engine power has been increased to 450 kilowatts (kW) from 405 kW, which enables it to maintain fast speed even with the increased payload, the company said. The truck’s outer dimensions remain the same, which allows the new truck to fit in the same envelope as the previous model.

“Sandvik TH545i complements our newly launched i-series truck offering. We follow our strategy, setting the industry standard, by adding intelligence not only to our new products, but also to existing offering,” said Wayne Scrivens, vice president of product line, load and haul, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

The TH545i inherited its robust design from the Sandvik TH540, but the new truck is now loaded with intelligence. The truck features Sandvik Intelligent Control System with data collection and reporting as standard. The Sandvik TH545i comes automation compatible, and can be equipped with an optional AutoMine Trucking OnBoard Package. Yet another intelligent feature is the integrated weighing system that is available as an option for all intelligent Sandvik trucks, supporting improved efficiency and ensuring full utilization of the truck’s payload capacity.

From a safety point of view, the new model brings benefits to the maintenance personnel by means of greatly improved access system to the top of the truck and safety rails, keeping in mind that all daily checks can be performed on the ground level, Sandvik said. Automation compatibility provides the possibility to move equipment operators from underground to other locations, which greatly improves overall safety, it added.