Push Bore Reamer Up 3D LR-minSandvik is introducing a new push bore reamer system that it says will improve penetration rates, minimize downtime, and simplify in-field service for slot hole drilling underground. The system includes two 740-mm-dia. push bore reamers — one for upwards and one for downwards push boring — and a fit-for-purpose cutter.

Key upgrades include simplified in-field service with bolted-on wing and wear pads and a patented saddle design for better material clearing in the cutter pocket. The cutter itself is equipped with a tougher carbide grade and a steeper cone angle on the shell to reduce skidding and carbide damage. It also features an improved bearing design and more heat-tolerant grease.

“Miners will experience fewer cutter changes, easier in-field spare part replacements and reduced service-related transportation, improving both safety and sustainability,” said Russell Clayton, product manager raise boring at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “We also took the opportunity to design both up and down 740-mm reamers to use identical spare part components as far as practically possible, and this sufficiently reduces inventory demands when you plan to drill with both reamers.”

Sandvik reported that simulations and tests have confirmed superior quality and productivity, extended service life and less downtime. By reducing hole size from 750 mm to 740 mm and enabling higher rig capacity, Sandvik said miners will also experience increased penetration rates. Less servicing and easier spare parts changes can save an average operation around 180 hours in a year, as these processes are now more than 35% faster than for the previous reamers.