Sandvik will reintroduce a number of beastly loaders and trucks as Toro family models. The earliest Toro family models date back to the early 1970s, but for more than a decade the name has fallen into disuse by the company.

In Spanish, toro means bull, an animal universally revered for its size, strength and tenacity. The name and image fits, and now applies to several robust machines that feature upgrades that distinguish them from predecessor models, Sandvik reported. For example, the new Toro family models are i-series machines and will operate “safer, stronger and smarter.”

First to be reintroduced are three loaders and two trucks. The new Toro LH517i and LH621i loaders come with several design upgrades to boost productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and improve operator experience, Sandvik reported. Both come with a Stage V engine and feature the Sandvik Intelligent Control System to limit speeds, support downhill tramming, and minimize brake wear.

The large loaders feature a new traction control system to reduce wheel spin and slippage, and to extend tire life. Both come with Digital Trainer, a training simulator.

The new Toro LH625iE electric loader is the “world’s largest payload capacity underground loader,” Sandvik reported. The cabled unit offers a 25,000-kg payload capacity.

The TH551i and TH663i trucks are both now Toro family models, and feature upgraded transmissions, coolers and low-emission engines. The i-series trucks offer reduced maintenance costs compared to predecessor models.

Leadership at Sandvik said i-series machines have garnered positive feedback from customers. “Reducing costs in addition to already-reported positive operator feedback shows we are on the right track,” Wayne Scrivens, vice president, load and haul, Sandvik, said. “Which benefits the Toro family.”