The proportion of global mining equipment being deployed in Russia is on the rise, 22% in 2018, compared to 9% in 2012, with regional growth of 13% over the past six years. As a result, the industry is demanding more skilled personnel. Mining companies in the region are turning to Immersive Technologies to deliver tailored workforce development solutions, proven to achieve safety and productivity improvements throughout all stages of the mining cycle. In line with this industry growth, Immersive said it is also experiencing a surge in simulator and service sales.

“It is an exciting time for mining in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS),” said David Anderson, executive vice president, sales and support, Immersive Technologies. “We are proud to support this region in delivering the safest and most profitable operators.”

Immersive Technologies delivers simulators and professional services across the region.

Vostochnaya Technica is implementing an Immersive simulator as a key part of delivering “Mine Assessments” to their customers. They will utilize a PRO4 Surface Mining simulator at one of the SUEK mine sites to improve truck and excavator operator behaviors. The simulator will then move to a new mine site to assess truck operators and to make clear recommendations on equipment usage with the expected result of quantified productivity improvements.

A continuous improvement project aimed at enhancing operator skills is under way at Norilsk Nickel. Upon conclusion, the goal is to increase productivity, decrease cycle times, and reduce operator variability, the company said. The initial project focuses on underground loaders (LHDs), but will likely expand to other equipment including bolters.

Komatsu CIS in the Kuzbass region will be using simulation to train green operators, along with assessing experienced operators to improve their skills. Immersive Technologies will be providing support via a training advisor team to meet their requirements and tailor curricula to their specific needs.

Immersive said KAZ Minerals has asked for a training solution that includes multiple IM360-B transportable simulators, interchangeable modules, and supporting products and services like pre-start inspection, instructor-led training and training systems integration as part of this technology and services solution. The Immersive Technologies’ Training Advisor Team will provide support to facilitate the simulation training process to ensure training objectives are achieved.