ASI Mining will automate 18 Hitachi EH4000 haul trucks to join the fleet at Roy Hill. (Image: ASI Mining)

ASI Mining and its distributor, Epiroc, won an order from Roy Hill Iron Ore to automate 18 Hitachi EH4000 haul trucks to go with its current autonomous haulage fleet in Western Australia. Helping the miner expand production, the new trucks will join an existing fleet of Caterpillar 793F and Hitachi EH5000 trucks.

Since July 2021, ASI Mining’s Mobius Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) has operated successfully 24/7 in a dedicated autonomous operating zone. In 2023, after the 2-year validation period, the AHS project started its fleet-expansion phase. All 96 of Roy Hill’s trucks are expected to be fitted out by the end of 2024.

The fleet will be the largest single AHS site in the world, ASI Mining said.