One of the world’s largest providers of crop inputs and services, Nutrien Ltd. said it expects to proactively take up to eight-week inventory shutdowns at its Allan, Lanigan and Vanscoy potash mines during the fourth quarter of 2019. The production downtime is in response to a short-term slowdown in global potash markets, the company said. If all three potash facilities were to remain idled for the full 8 weeks, potash production could be reduced by approximately 700,000 metric tons (mt) and potash annual EBITDA could be reduced by US$100-$150 million.

Despite the current short-term market conditions, the company said it remains positive on potash demand for 2020, as well as the medium to long-term potash fundamentals.

“We remain focused on a gradual ramp up of production to meet demand and to ensure we operate the safest, most reliable and efficient Potash business in the world,” the company said.

Nutrien produces and distributes 27 million mt of potash, nitrogen and phosphate products worldwide.