The first application, Utimec XL 1100 Agitator ED has endured 1.5 years of rigorous durability testing at both Normet’s factory in Iisalmi and Pyhäsalmi mine, Finland.

Normet has expanded its product offering by introducing the XL platform together with the company’s latest technology innovation, the Normet ElectroDynamic (ED) powertrain architecture, specifically designed to complement its new high-capacity platform and pave the way to the future of more sustainable underground operations.

By combining the best features of its battery-electric SmartDrive platform and the company’s low-emission engine technology, Normet said the ED architecture allows for increased payload capacity with astonishingly compact outer dimensions while also ensuring superior driving dynamics, high performance, superb fuel efficiency and less need for maintenance.

The ED technology eliminates the need for a drive shaft and gearbox as the externally cooled mining axles are driven by permanent magnet motors in a highly efficient direct-drive configuration. This not only renders a low and compact load end design, instant torque and economical electric retardation, but also significantly increases component lifetime.

“As we were developing our battery-electric SmartDrive equipment, we quickly realized that we can remove the drive shaft and gearbox. This is monumental, because now we can use the space where the drive shaft used to be for increased payload capacity. This was achieved by using electric motors at the axles powered by a low-emission engine-generator set. What is more, we have years of experience with all the components used in the architecture not only from our SmartDrive equipment, but also from our engine-powered equipment” said Samu Kukkonen, technology director at Normet.

The ED architecture also enables one-pedal driving, where the vehicle automatically controls both acceleration and deceleration with the operator’s accelerator pedal input. Additionally, Normet said the advanced front axle suspension system and the new 180° cabin with improved ergonomics and visibility set new industry standards for operator safety and comfort.

The completely new Utimec XL ED carrier is designed for heavy-duty underground transportation applications with its remarkable payload capacity of 24 metric tons. All models in the XL ED offering are built on the new Normet ED technology. Built with some of the highest-quality powertrain components and robust frame structures, all XL ED units are powered with direct-drive electric motors, Volvo Penta engines with Stage V emission rating, enabling clean and efficient operation.

The first application is the Utimec XL 1100 Agitator ED. With a practical concrete transportation capacity of 10.5 m³, it is designed for concrete transportation in underground mines and tunnels with a minimum tramming height of 3.3 meters.

Tailor-made for harsh underground conditions, the vehicle is equipped with a voluminous, wear-resistant and remote-controllable concrete drum and a hydraulically operated discharging chute, allowing for more versatile vehicle positioning. Both mixing and unloading are controlled electrically and can be operated with zero local emissions by plugging the machine into the mine’s power grid. This increases operator comfort by significantly reducing heat output and noise and by eliminating underground emissions.