Normet Corp. and Oulu University signed a partnership agreement to develop their cooperation. They will now initiate research and training cooperation to strengthen the development and testing conditions of vehicle technology.

The ongoing transition in vehicle technology comes with new challenges with the tightening of environmental legislation and changing needs of end customers. At the same time, the personnel’s expertise is subject to new demands that Normet believes it can answer with this partnership agreement signed with Oulu University of Applied Sciences, said Heikki Ojala, vice president, Global R&D in Normet Corp.

The signed agreement is an important step toward closer cooperation between the parties, said Jukka Säkkinen, director, education, R&D and innovation.

Normet Corp. is one of the Northern Finland’s driving companies whose success radiates to a wide range of companies in supply chains throughout northern Finland. The Oulu University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the education of automobile and vehicle technology in half of the territory of Finland.