Midwest Industrial Supply recently released a new system for dust control in hardrock underground mines. The MineKleen Underground Mine Dust Control System can eradicate up to 95% of dust while reducing water usage by up to 95%, the company said.

The MineKleen system is the result of years of research in underground mine conditions. The Midwest team brings decades of cutting-edge molecular technology to this new system. Midwest developed a proprietary chemical formula consisting of a synthetic fluid plus polymeric binder system. This system binds fines together, creating a pavement-like strength that gets stronger with use.

“MineKleen keeps particulate matter out of the air, enhancing regulatory compliance and the health and safety of mine workers,” Midwest Vice President of Mining Solutions Jim Silva said. “It helps roads hold up longer, even in heavily used areas.”

Midwest’s proprietary formulation is environmentally safe, verified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and several Canadian authorities.

The system also includes the MineKleen Sprayer, a unique distribution system designed specifically for underground mines. It enables the formulation to be applied to the roads, rib walls and the back at the same time, enhancing productivity.