In 2021, Metso Outotec initiated a global fair pay analysis in with a technical data analysis, followed by a thorough review of the findings. The analysis is still partly ongoing. The study has been conducted together with an external partner who has extensive expertise in the field.

Metso Outotec said it is committed to developing the company into a workplace where diversity and inclusion is embedded into the culture, and it is fostered and promoted. One concrete action is to ensure global fair pay practices.

In the global fair pay analysis, the company investigated various aspects related to pay. The initial findings indicated that employees’ salary development is typically unbiased during their Metso Outotec careers. However, the analysis has also identified cases, where unexplained gender-related pay gaps exist.

“Sustainability is at the core of Metso Outotec, which also covers the well-being and fair treatment of our employees,” President and CEO Pekka Vauramo said. “We have placed diversity and inclusion high on our agenda and will be taking corrective actions by addressing the unexplained gender-related pay gaps, that have been identified, by the end of 2022.”