Metso is expanding its remote-monitoring services for the mining industry by opening its first performance center in Santiago, Chile, and by building up capabilities for a second center in Changsha, China. Additional centers will be opened in major mining regions during 2020-2021. The new performance centers offer continuous automated monitoring, improvements and predictive maintenance services for the customers’ mineral processing equipment, components and processes, according to Metso.

The services offered will build on the organization’s extensive capabilities of connecting equipment, processes, people and technology worldwide.

“Metso performance centers are hubs for all our remote digital services,” Chief Digital Officer Jani Puroranta said. “They integrate Metso Metrics support, gearless mill-drive monitoring, and remote process optimization experts into a new collaborative environment. This allows us to better service our global customers in real time.”

The first Metso performance center has started its operations in temporary facilities in Santiago and will soon move to new premises. The center employs a multidisciplinary team of experts who analyze incoming data, deriving insights and recommendations to help customers optimize their equipment operations and processes remotely. To provide holistic support, services offered are vendor-agnostic, available for both Metso and non-Metso equipment alike. The center also utilizes new remote-monitoring solutions for gearless mill drives, obtained as part of Metso’s acquisition of the Chilean mining service provider HighService Service earlier this year.

“We are excited about the opening of the new Metso performance centers,” Vice President, Process Optimization, Performance Solutions Johanna Newcomb said. “They will allow us to better service the mining industry by enabling new innovative commercial offerings, like performance solutions and remote expert support.”