MacLean Engineering contracted Maestro Digital Mine for Plexus PowerNet at its test mine in Sudbury, Canada. Plexus PowerNet, a gigabit network providing data and power over coaxial cable, offers high-speed, low-latency digital communication connectivity to access points, cameras and other devices. Easily installed, MacLean said the Plexus PowerNet can be used in mines with or without a fiber optic network, and supports existing underground mine infrastructure.

MacLean said Plexus PowerNet was selected because of its capability to quickly and easily extend the mine’s existing communications network to the face. “We’re delighted to work with another company in Sudbury’s mining ecosystem to get their top-of-the-line digital infrastructure installed at our Research and Demonstration Facility where it will be the backbone of our automation product development,” said Stuart Lister, vice president, marketing and communications, MacLean.

Maestro Digital Mine said Plexus PowerNet is designed to reduce the time to connectivity for trialing new solutions.

“We strive to make the complex simple,” Maestro Digital Mine CEO Michael Gribbons said. “This underground R&D lab continues to build upon the strength and wealth of mining knowledge and expertise in Sudbury.”

MacLean’s underground Research and Demonstration Facility has a 300-meter decline at a grade of 15% with multiple branches, headings and testing areas. It has a shop and office. The test mine allows the supplier to trial new equipment and technology.