With 16 years of delivering Liebherr advanced equipment simulators for mining customers, Immersive Technologies and Liebherr have chosen to renew their technical information agreement for a further five years (20 years in total). Immersive Technologies has a long history of providing a quantifiable return on investment to Liebherr fleet owners.

“We are proud that our partnership with Liebherr will continue for another five years, by providing high-quality training technology and working closely with mining customers we continue to significantly improve the safety and profitability of mines,” said David Anderson, CEO of Immersive Technologies.

The first Liebherr mining equipment simulator was developed by Immersive Technologies in 2006 for a large copper mine in Arizona and now dozens of mines around the globe benefit from improved production, safety, and cost-per-ton achieved through operator skills optimization. The solutions significantly evolved over the years to include a range of haul trucks and shovels.

With the two companies focused on customer outcomes, the following results have been recently achieved by mines:

  • 11% spot time reduction (fleet management data)
  • 36% reduction in machine abuse events (fleet management data)
  • 8% instantaneous dig rate improvement (fleet management data)
  • 100% engine fire pass rate (SimData)