Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group in Australia earned a five-year contract to provide mining tire management and maintenance services for Roy Hill, an open-pit iron ore mine with one of the largest fleets in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and growing. Technicians will begin mobilizing April 1, bringing nearly 30 Kal Tire team members to the site to deliver the highest standards of safety and operational performance.

“We’re excited about re-establishing a collaborative partnership with Roy Hill,” said Miles Rigney, managing director, Australia, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group.

Kal Tire previously provided service to the site from 2014 to 2019. Roy Hill currently produces 62 million metric tons per yeat (mt/) of iron ore and hopes to grow production capacity in the next few years.

“We have a lot of enthusiasm about the opportunity to work together to support that growth and make an impact with next-level technology, innovation and tire life solutions,” Rigney said.

At Roy Hill, Kal Tire will be using TOMS, its proactive tire maintenance planning system that helps customers achieve goals for fleet use, tire life and safety. Through TOMS, fleet planning teams gain a 360° view of tire maintenance activity with near real-time reporting 24/7 and improve mean-time-between-service (MTBS) with automated, priority-based work orders.

Kal Tire will also bring several exclusive tire management tools, developed at its Innovation Centre in Canada to improve safety and efficiency. Tooling includes the Gravity Assist System, which supports the weight of 36-kg torque guns; a Ram Mount Tool that securely holds the bead in place; and a Power Cart that allows technicians to stand at a safe distance to operate multiple hydraulic rams and bead breakers using high energy to separate the tire from the rim. One of the most anticipated tools is the Magnet Clamp, which takes technicians out of harm’s way during the installation and removal of tire and wheel assemblies.

Roy Hill will also benefit from Kal Tire Australia’s repairs and Ultra Repair, the technology that sends tires with large injuries that would otherwise be scrapped, back into production — improving fleet use and giving tires a second life. Through Kal Tire’s Maple Program, sites like Roy Hill have a way to quantify and report on the proven emissions savings of Ultra Repairs and meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals since the process uses fewer raw materials and less energy compared to buying new.

“Operating in a way that puts ESG at the forefront is very much a priority for our customers in Australia, so we’re proud to offer solutions at Roy Hill that enhance safety, sustainability and productivity,” Rigney said.

Kal Tire Australia provides service and supply to more than 20 mine sites across the country.