Jama_MRC_2Low_1Swedish mining equipment manufacturer Jama recently announced a new mobile rescue chamber, the MRC 2. The stainless-steel chamber seats up to eight miners. Sitting in a rescue chamber means they have survived an incident, which will be a transformative experience in itself. Since the occupants may need to take refuge for many hours, Jama has placed great emphasis on the chamber’s environment to create a comfortable, safe and secure stay.

At the center is the air purification technology, which scrubs exhaled carbon dioxide and continuously adds new oxygen, eliminating the need for masks. “You can simply sit and breathe as usual, which also applies when visiting the rescue chamber’s toilet,” said Johan Marklund, Jama’s product manager for research and development. “Avoiding the use of a mask is a great convenience and significantly reduces stress.”

To lower the temperature in the rescue chamber, it is continuously showered with water and can therefore maintain a normal comfortable indoor temperature. Overpressure prevents pollutants such as dust, smoke or gases from penetrating the environment. The unit is powered by 230 volts, but if the power supply is interrupted, a reliable and well-sized battery pack is activated that lasts up to 50 hours.

The chamber is also equipped with the aforementioned toilet, emergency exit and visual signals such as external sound and light alarms, blue projecting lamp for location, blue light strip at the entrance, and several reflectors. To further increase comport, the chamber is equipped with various necessities such as drinks, snacks, first-aid equipment, card games, mobile chargers that fit all brands, and Wi-Fi.