Los Filos MinersEquinox Gold Corp. has temporarily suspended mining activities at its Los Filos Mine in Mexico because of illegal blockades by a group of unionized employees and members of the Xochipala community, both of whom the company said are demanding payments in excess of their contractual agreements.

“The company is working to achieve a long-term solution that will allow the mine to operate effectively,” it said.

This is one of several blockades the company has dealt with.

Back in April, the company said it signed an updated social collaboration agreement with the Carrizalillo community, which is similar to the previous social collaboration agreement with a term to April 2025 and certain clarified provisions that will facilitate improved implementation.

Equinox suspended operations in early September 2020 after the nearby Carrizalillo community alleged the company had not complied with a 2019 collaboration agreement. That blockade was lifted in December 2020.