Normet and Hindustan Zinc Ltd. recently signed a comprehensive four-year, cost per hour (CPH) service contract covering all Normet equipment in Hindustan’s mines in Rajasthan, India. The total value of the contract will be approximately EUR60 million.

“Signing this contract shows the strong partnership between Hindustan Zinc and Normet,” said Robin Lindahl, president and CEO. “Together we have transformed our cooperation to next level — with strong business alignment. We are proud to be part of the development of Hindustan Zinc’s underground mining for even better safety, efficiency and productivity.”

Operational and service improvements were a big part of the deal. Normet’s SmartCare service management system enables efficient service management and development of service operations to the next level.

“Normet has shown good performance and commitment to develop together with us, world-class underground mining operations,” said Sunil Duggal, CEO, Hindustan Zinc. “The contract will not only improve the performance and utilization of the Hindustan Zinc operations, but it will also enable driving safety to the next level.

“Normet and Hindustan Zinc will have a great and exciting future further developing and raising the bar for mining in India.”

Additionally, Normet has built a new service center in Jaipur to ensure customer service close to the customer. Development of new innovative services and training for both Hindustan Zinc and Normet staff is also included in the package.