Hexagon AB unveiled HxGN MineOperate UG Pro at HxGN LIVE 2018, the company’s digital tech conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, in mid-June. UG Pro is a platform for managing underground fleet equipment and broadcasting time-utilization information in near real time in remote areas underground.

The platform monitors task-level activities, updating miner and machine workflows in near real-time as the mine develops and produces ore, the company reported. Developed specifically for mines lacking data networks underground, UG Pro optimizes efficiency using tablets that store and forward critical information between supervisors and workers via network access points, Hexagon reported.

The platform integrates with other Hexagon safety, fleet and data visualization solutions, and synchronizes with data from third-party vendors. It allows customers to use their own business intelligence analytics tools, while providing a set of embedded intelligent tools for modeling different economic and production scenarios, Hexagon reported.

Hexagon also announced a reorganization and rebranding of its mining product portfolio that is designed to simplify how customers evaluate solutions across the lifecycle of mines. The new portfolio consolidates numerous products into streamlined solution packages and introduces a new naming convention, the company reported.

The portfolios are now titled HxGN MinePlan for mine planning products and solutions; HxGN MineOperate for operations solutions; HxGN MineProtect for safety solutions; and HxGN MineEnterprise for enterprise solutions.

Additionally, the company reported it introduced subscription licensing, improved user interfaces, and strengthened support and services.

Roughly 3,000 representatives from an array of sectors and industries attended the conference, which featured talks and demonstrations on products, solutions and services leveraging Industry 4.0 and proto-5.0 technologies.