H-E Parts has recently been awarded a multiyear, major equipment overhaul contract with Codelco. The contract was awarded to H-E Parts for the rebuild of 23 Komatsu 930E haul trucks, and will be conducted through Rajo Inca, Codelco’s Salvador Division. The contract will be fully managed by the H-E Parts Mining Solutions division based in Antofagasta, Chile. The contract includes the initial inspection, disassembly, and major component repair, including proprietary Birrana enhancements, assembly, delivery and commissioning.

This contract will allow H-E Parts to use its Birrana technology, which it said will lower total cost of ownership through extended component life and ease of maintenance. Incorporated in the scope of work are major drivetrain componentry, such as front and rear wheel groups, suspensions and differentials.

“We are very proud of this order, the biggest one in the history of our company in Chile,” said Alfonso Teplizky Ergas, general manager for H-E in South America. H-E Parts said this partnership, combined with workshop support and in-house engineering, will provide a flexible, cost effective, long-term solution for Codelco.