Mexican mining engineering students now have access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment thanks to a donation from the FLSmidth Donation Fund, which this year is also supporting young scientists and various global and local charities.

The Zacatecas region in Mexico needs a steady supply of engineers and other mining specialists and now the first students of a newly designed mining engineering education program are in the pipeline at the local campus of Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN). These students can now study flotation concepts with the donation of an FLS ESSA Flotation Cell including manuals and 20 hours of training by a flotation specialist to the university. The mining engineering program was designed in 2014 in cooperation between IPN and the Zacatecas Mining Cluster of which FLSmidth is a co-founder.

“With this donation, we help ensure that the next generation of miners are familiar with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment,” said Vagn Sørensen, chairman of the FLSmidth Donation Fund. “This region has a large concentration of mining companies and is one of the most important mining zones in Mexico, and as a company, we play an active role in providing jobs and keeping future mining sustainable and productive.

“Being able to help the local university is a win-win situation, where we give something back to the community, and in the long run that will strengthen the mining industry.”

The fund annually donates up to a total of DKK 400,000 ($64,000) to worthy cause projects, including humanitarian work, environmental projects as well as education and training.

The application deadline for the fund is October 1 each year. Further information about the FLSmidth Donation Fund can be found here.