The AFP2525 Automatic Filter Press delivers high availability and efficiency, with the lowest cost per ton produced in the industry, according to FLSmidth. The machine has been designed for quick and easy maintenance. “When treating tailings at high volumes, even the smallest process disruptions add up,” FLSmidth Mining President Mikko Keto said. “That’s why we focused heavily on ease and speed of maintenance. The AFP2525 provides fast plate-pack removal, while cloth change and plate maintenance happen outside of the filter, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety while the filter is operating.”

Keto believes that with a combination of fast and safe maintenance, lower costs and a minimized environmental footprint, the AFP2525 immediately becomes the leading solution in this space. “It meets growing customer demand for fast and efficient water recovery,” Keto said.

Miners can expect to produce about 7,200 metric tons per day (mt/d) of filtered cake. FLSmidth also said miners can expect an average of 93% availability from the AFP2525 and as much as 95% recovery of process water. Ultra-efficient water reclamation allows miners to recycle and reuse a significant amount of water in their operations, reducing water-sourcing and wet tailings management costs.