Dyno Nobel continues to expand its initiation systems offerings with the next generation of blasting systems explicitly created for quarries, civil and pipelines. DigiShot is powered by the new Ranger electronic initiation system.

Traditionally, detonators are assigned a hole location only, and delay times are set at the time of blasting. The process is often time-consuming and may introduce user errors. The flexible tagging option allows the user to assign both hole location and delay time at the hole or assign delay times at any time the user prefers. This feature enables the user to efficiently adjust the process to their needs, speeding up the tagging process, according to Dyno Nobel. The user can also change the delay with the press of a button. The Ranger offers a “tag by plan” option, which provides a predesigned pattern; the user only needs to align the correct hole with the valid hole number on the tagger.

“Eliminating misfires is crucial to ensuring safety and productivity,” President of Dyno Nobel Americas Braden Lusk said. “The Ranger delivers the safety and reliability that customers need by providing both automatic detonator detection and voltage verification in an easy-to-use unit.”

Ranger seamlessly integrates with the DigiShot tagger and ViewShot, providing a complete system for blast optimization, the company said.