Diemme recently reported that its GHT5000F Domino, the largest filter press in the world, is finally up and running at Southern Peru Copper’s Toquepala mine in Peru. The first Domino is a pilot unit and, if it performs as expected, producing the targeted moisture levels at scale, Diemme plans to install nine or 10 more units for a total capacity of more than 80,000 metric tons per day (mt).

A video on Diemme’s Academy website shows the unit opening 141 5- x 5-m plates in less than a minute. The filter press produces 71 m3 of cake volume per cycle at 15% moisture.

Diemme said a copper mining company in Chile recently ordered another GHT5000F test unit. The company has embarked on an ambitious project to expand its production facilities in Lugo, Italy, to keep pace with the constant growth in demand for its equipment.

Construction on the new factory began in January 2023. It will allow the company to multiply its current production capacity and meet Diemme’s future commitments, which include “the realization of numerous challenging filtration projects already in the pipeline.” The plant is set to be completed by Q3 2023.