Operations have restarted at Capstone Mining Corp.’s Pinto Valley mine following a fire in the area that shut down operations on June 20. The company reported no physical damage to the site and no serious injuries to frontline personnel. The Southwest Area Incident Management Team (SAIMT) is still battling the Woodbury Fire, which covers more than 96,000 acres.

“We are very appreciative of the efforts of all the emergency responders who have been battling the Woodbury Fire and for the coordination between SAIMT and our team at Pinto Valley, which now allows for the safe restart of operations,” said Darren Pylot, president and CEO of Capstone.

Capstone said it does not expect the curtailment to impact operating or cost guidance at Pinto Valley. However, fire crews are still conducting operations in the area to address the ongoing risk of the Woodbury Fire, so there may be some impact to day-to-day operations at Pinto Valley.

The company anticipates being able to return to normal operating levels shortly.

“The health and safety of our people is our top priority and we will communicate any changes to these plans should the need arise,” the company said.