International Mineral Processing Council (IMPC) representatives have acknowledged Dr. Barry WillsInternational Mineral Processing Council (IMPC) representatives have acknowledged Dr. Barry Wills, a senior partner at Minerals Engineering International (MEI), with their Distinguished Service Award for contributions to the mineral processing field worldwide.

Wills is the No. 3 award recipient, first presented in 2008 to an American professor and a second French academic two years later. Wills, a Leeds University graduate, was honored for promoting engineering knowledge within the field for more than 22 years.

In addition to teaching at the U.K.’s Camborne School of Mines, Wills published a 1979 book, Mineral Processing Technology, which has impacted the global industry, according to IMPC officials. Eight years on, he founded Mineral Engineering, a peer-reviewed journal, where he remains editor-in-chief.



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