Stracon GyM, a subsidiary of Graña y Montero Group, extended its contract with Minera La Zanja SRL, a subsidiary of Buenaventura, for another year (all of 2018), a transaction valued at approximately US$ 30 million. La Zanja is an open-pit gold and silver mine located in the Cajamarca department, Pulan district, Peru, and is located between 3,200 meters (m) and 3,600 m above sea level, which represents a technical and human challenge for the more than 500 workers working on the project.

“Quality of service, productivity and focus on safety are the main characteristics of Stracon GyM that motivate the confidence of our customers,” said Steve Dixon, CEO of Stracon GyM. “This is reflected in the renewal of contracts, as in this case.”

Stracon GyM has been developing the construction and operation service since April 2010, comprised by the movement of approximately 68 million tons of ore and debris, with outstanding safety indicators.