Thickeners Improve Production at Cerro Pasco

A Peruvian plant experienced a dramatic increase in capacity through the use of thickeners

Imagine doubling plant throughput from 1,150 metric tons per day (mt/d) to almost 2,500 mt/d, and perhaps as much as 3,000 mt/d within a reasonable timeframe and at an acceptable cost, all the time working hand in hand with a trustworthy contractor. That would be a plant manager’s dream. It happened recently in Peru.

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Slope Stability Solutions Give Actionable Data Fast

New and established products compete at accuracy, speed and usability

Every second and pixel count when it comes to detecting and acting on slope failures. When in the market for solutions, speed of results may be the foremost consideration behind accuracy. Many of the suppliers pitch their products as providing both. In reality, some of the more recent solution releases do represent noteworthy breakthroughs in these areas. A few examples illustrate that point.

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Nordic Suppliers Make Smarter Machines

New ideas empower miners to develop custom solutions to site-specific needs

Steeped in tradition, Nordic mining suppliers provide some of the best and most advanced equipment for demanding applications. Their ability to drill through hard-rock formations have earned them a great deal of respect, and they continue to improve with time. Following the digitalization trends, it seems the focus has turned to autonomy and data analysis to improve safety and productivity, and lower operating costs.

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Nordic Miners Mark Time

From the boom days of just a few years ago, the Nordic mining scene has essentially retrenched to its established structure as more speculative ventures have found the going too tough. That has not stopped innovation, however, particularly in the region’s metallurgical sector.

In the 12 months since E&MJ last reviewed the Nordic mining and exploration sector, the picture has remained largely static. Established producers have maintained their operations, new starts have largely fallen by the wayside, and the junior explorers have thinned both in number and in terms of overall expenditure. And, until commodity prices begin to climb again and remain at sustainable levels for sufficient time to allow confidence and financing to return, there seems little chance of the Nordic mining scene doing much beyond maintaining the status quo.

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