Eriez is now offering customers the opportunity to determine if they can save money by installing a state-of-the-art magnetic mill liner in their ball mill applications. Eriez said its experts will gather relevant data from customers and rapidly return a computerized cost-savings projection. Upon request, Eriez also provides free plant audits to help customers uncover additional profit-generating improvements.

“We created this special program to prove how magnetic mill liners are a more economical choice overall than typical heavier liners,” said Jose Marin, Eriez’s director of minerals and materials. “Their innovative design combines the best qualities of typical steel and magnetic liners to reduce or eliminate installation, maintenance and replacement expenses.”

Eriez said its magnetic mill liner, a wear-resistant steel-encased magnet, delivers consistent and improved grinding efficiency and mill throughput while reducing energy consumption. Eriez custom designs liners to suit customers’ specific needs and provides a guaranteed service life with each liner.

The magnet holds the metal magnetic liner to the shell and retains ball chips and magnetic minerals to form a solid protection layer, which serves as the wear liner. Since the ball chips and magnetic minerals are retained, the liner lasts for years without any maintenance.

Eriez claims the quality, longevity and performance of magnetic mill liners have been proven through installations in more than 600 applications throughout the mining industry worldwide. The Magnetic Mill Liner with the longest service life on record is 14 years, according to the company.

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