RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has completed two transactions in 2015, designed to broaden the company’s portfolio of software solutions. Earlier this year, it announced the acquisition of intellectual property rights from PrimeThought Software Solutions, a specialist developer of software products used in the management and reporting of geospatial information and the structuring of geospatial databases. The acquisition will provide RPM with the underlying capability to structure, inventories, manage and share geospatial data across the mining enterprise.

Based in South Africa, PrimeThought software products are used in a variety of industries, including mining, logistics and engineering. Under the terms of the acquisition, RPM has acquired non-exclusive rights to rebrand, commercialize, and exploit the geospatial management software code and any successor products developed by RPM.

RPM said it also has entered into an agreement with FlexSim Software Products Inc. to acquire a copy of their simulation software, providing RPM with the exclusive right to commercialize and further develop the FlexSim simulation software for the mining industry and extend its use throughout RPM’s simulation software suite.

This simulation engine will also be embedded into the next major version of RPM’s recently released ultra-short-term mine execution system, XECUTE. This will give mine planners, who have just created their ultra-short-term mine plan, the ability to watch a full simulation of their plan in XECUTE’s 4-D interactive viewer. Based on the outcomes of the simulation, users of XECUTE can either fine tune their plan and then simulate it again or commit it directly to the fleet management systems to execute.

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