Program Eases Filter-sizing Decisions for Hydraulic Systems

Bosch Rexroth has developed a filter sizing program that allows users to input various parameters such as fluid type, fluid viscosity, system temperature and micron rating to evaluate the pressure drop across Rexroth filters. The Filter Select sizing software can be used to quickly determine the best filter for a specific hydraulic application and will provide Rexroth’s part numbers, model codes, pressure drop curves, dirt holding capacities, spare parts, and more.

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BME Highlights its Blasting Emulsions’ Advantages

Explosives supplier BME recently noted that bulk emulsion explosives have come a long way since the company introduced double-salt [ammonium nitrate/calcium nitrate (AN/CN)] cold emulsion products into South Africa more than 30 years ago.

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Immersive Offers Customized Learning Programs

Immersive Technologies is launching a dedicated Learning Systems business unit that will provide customized learning technologies and solutions aimed at improving safety, profitability and efficiency for its customers. The solutions, according to the company, blend virtual reality, visualization, e-learning and desktop simulation.

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