Processing Solutions - July 2017

SCADA System Lets Users Leverage Cloud-based Benefits

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently launched Experion Elevate, a real-time process supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution delivered as a secure and scalable service. Experion Elevate, said Honeywell, allows for predictable costs, easy upgrades and continual support. It is a member of Honeywell’s suite of cloud-enabled solutions for operations technology and information technology (OT/IT).
It’s no secret that major mining companies are constantly seeking ways to leverage operational expenditures (OPEX) over capital expenditures (CAPEX) wherever possible to reduce concerns about purchase, installation, hosting, and maintenance of hardware and software on premises. However, small-sized to midsized companies with limited capital resources also may want to partake of the benefits from this approach, seeking long-term use of the SCADA solution, as well as flexibility in deployment, service and support, and upgrades they may not otherwise pay for.

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Installation of FeedAirJet Sparger Brings Better Metal Recovery

Eriez Flotation Division recently reported on early results from installation of its first FeedAirJet on a cleaner column at Capstone Gold’s Cozamin concentrator in Zacatecas, Mexico. Nicknamed by the commissioning team as the “Cavitador,” the FeedAirJet is a simple system for pre-aerating flotation feed streams. It is based on a proprietary configuration of Eriez’s CavTube, a sparging system that has been installed on more than 200 columns worldwide.

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Weighing the Options: Choosing the Right Belt Scale System

Few, if any, industries handle more heavy material in bulk than mining, whether measured on an an hourly, daily, weekly or annual basis. Much of this material must be weighed and monitored before or as it is fed to plants for processing. Belt conveyer scales are an important part of a mining operation’s bulk material handling system. A belt scale system allows an operator to monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of the business. Picking the right belt scale system to meet the specific needs of an operation is essential, but what are the most important factors and options to consider? Thermo Fisher Scientific recently addressed the problem in a blog post.

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Processing Solutions - June 2017

Optimizing Process-plant Assets

Weir Minerals, the Australia-based process equipment business of the Weir Group, pointed out that with declining ore grade and low commodity prices, the mining industry has had to adapt to stay competitive. As merger and acquisitions opportunities and greenfield projects diminish, there is a strong focus on modifying and optimizing existing mine sites and processes to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Mining companies are under intense pressure to increase production through the optimization of their current plants and resources. In order to achieve this, it is important they preserve and extend their assets.

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Processing Solutions - May 2017

New Process Technologies Help Producers Recover More Metal

Rana Gruber, a Norwegian company that operates an iron ore mine and concentrator near the Arctic Circle, recently ordered two of FLSmidth’s Reflux RCTM-3000-HY-SS Classifier units following successful pilot trials.

FLSmidth reported that in the pilot trials conducted at Rana Gruber’s facility, the Reflux classifier technology demonstrated consistent separation and high separation efficiency in the 0–150 micrometer (µm) size fraction from material currently discarded to tailings. While the ore grade of the feed to the Reflux classifier was approximately 10% Fe, the concentrate produced by the Reflux classifier was more than 60% Fe, with a yield of more than 20% of the iron in the 0–150 µm size fraction that is currently lost to waste.

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Processing Solutions - April 2017

New Flotation Lab Circuit Will Cut Test Turnaround Time

Eriez Flotation Division (EFD) has commissioned a fully automated, four-stage lab-scale column circuit for flotation testing on sulfide and industrial minerals. Operating parameters such as air flow rate, wash water flow rate, reagent addition rates and pH level are regulated using a programmable logic controller (PLC). The flotation circuit can be altered to accommodate multiple circuit configurations ranging from one (i.e. rougher) to four (i.e. rougher-scavenger-cleaner-cleaner) unit operations, dependent upon the characteristics of the feed ore. The circuit is also capable of incorporating recirculating loads. The automated circuit can be utilized to conduct steady-state column flotation tests at feed rates of up to 15 kg/h.

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Software Improves Change Management Integrity

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently announced the introduction of documentation and change management software that it claims will help its customers’ industrial control system integrity. Honeywell Trace replaces paper-based records and spreadsheets with an automated solution designed to minimize errors due to changes in configurations, improve worker productivity, and simplify asset management by providing a single integrated view of complex system interactions.

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Program Offers ‘Breakthrough’ Ball Mill Modeling

Metcom Technologies describes its Streamline program as a “breakthrough” ball mill modeling application that uses Functional Performance Analysis to carry out circuit performance improvements.

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Gekko, Rockwell Automation to Develop Metallurgical Accounting System

Gekko Systems and Rockwell Automation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop software solutions that will assist mining customers across the globe to account for metal content in the various stages of ore processing plants and provide the analytical capability to audit and improve operating performance. The metallurgical accounting program is currently in development and pilot stage.

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Metso to Increase Screening Media Production Capacity

Metso is expanding its global manufacturing capacity for rubber screening media used in minerals processing by investing in three new injection presses. The presses will be installed at Metso’s facilities in Australia, India and Sweden by early 2018.

The company said the EUR 1.7-million investment will significantly increase its global rubber screening media manufacturing capacity. Demand for its screening media has grown in the mining segment after the introduction of 1 x 1-ft (305- x 305-millimeter) modular screening media, Trellex 305PS, in 2016, according to Metso.

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Partnership Will Commercialize Real-time Assay Technology

Australian research organization CSIRO is partnering with Chrysos Corp. to bring to market its PhotonAssay X-ray gold detection technology, setting its sights on a slice of the $1-billion global gold assay business.

CSIRO’s lead inventor of the technology, Dr. James Tickner, said this new approach fills an important market gap by providing real-time information for mine operators. Tickner also is Chrysos’ chief technology officer.

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