Study Points at Crisis in Mineral Exploration

A competent, comprehensive and efficient exploration program is an important element in just about any mineral producer’s business survival plan. A recently released study by a major consulting group suggests that this crucial activity has weakened throughout the industry to the point of crisis.

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Mobile Apps Provide Flexibility for Mine Reporting Tasks

In line with a growing corporate trend toward flatter, quicker intra- and intercompany communications structures and the need for on-the-spot data recording and reporting capabilities for supervisory and field workers, a number of mobile computing platforms—along with individual, industry-tailored specific apps—are popping up in the marketplace, aimed at highly regulated, data-intensive industries such as mining.

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MSHA Workplace Examinations Become a Front-burner Issue for US Metal/Nonmetal Mines

MSHA Workplace Examinations Become a Front-burner Issue for US Metal/Nonmetal MinesBy Kelby Thomas Gray

In late 2014, the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) published its regulatory agenda for 2015. In June, MSHA was scheduled to begin considering how operators perform workplace examinations via a request for information from stakeholders to address fatalities in the metal/nonmetal side of the industry.

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Using Forensic Analysis to Pinpoint Equipment Failure

All sectors of the mining industries continually seek ways to counter the costs of major equipment failure. Forensic engineering is now emerging as the first course of action, according to an Australian engineering firm.

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