Making the Lake Do the Work

An innovative method to neutralize acidic water in flooded open-cast mines uses natural circulation to accomplish the task, with low cost and high efficiency

Lignite can be successfully extracted from open-cast operations only if the area’s ground water level is lowered below the coal seam. This has a strong influence on the region’s water balance. Depending on the chemical nature of the overburden, the ground water that often rises again to a higher level after the cessation of mining in the pit may become acidic due to pyrite weathering. Germany’s Federal Mining Act (BBergG) stipulates that operators carry out rehabilitation measures on the surfaces areas of former mines. This also applies to the lakes they produce.

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Pay Attention to ‘Date and Day’ Definitions for Better Contract Security

For many, if not most, companies serving the global mining sector, contracts are the mortar that binds the foundation blocks of industrial growth. Various types of contractual agreements—for equipment, construction, services or commodities, to name just a few—represent income for some, capital investment or asset upkeep for others, and are generally written with the intent to recover maximum value from the resources expanded to award or win them. However, despite any level of care and attention paid to preparation, contractual disputes can arise for a vast number of reasons, and one of the most common causes of confusion or misunderstanding is also among the most basic: the definition of days, dates and deadlines.

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