Offline Filtration Can Cut Oil Consumption and Reduce Maintenance

It’s difficult to name any type of primary mine production and comminution equipment that doesn’t require lubrication in some form. Trucks, shovels, crushers, mills, conveyors and even electrical transformers need oil—and generally, lots of it. Add to that the various tanks, barrels and other containers used for oil storage and transfer, and it’s easy to see why a mine or plant’s productivity and cost-of-operation figures can slide smoothly upward—or quickly downward—on the presence or absence of a thin film of oil.

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Counting on the Connected Mine

Seamless connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance, increase yield and reduce safety risks

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Pourable Chocking Product Solves a Big Repair Problem

The bucketwheel excavators (BWEs) often used in surface mining of soft coal deposits are gigantic machines. With great size comes great punishment. BWEs must absorb a tremendous amount of impact shock and vibration during overburden stripping operations. Although they’re built to be extremely robust machines, the constant pounding takes its toll and repairs or replacement of parts inevitably becomes necessary. Again, along with great size comes great difficulty in planning, executing and safely, cost-effectively completing procedures on one or more of a BWE’s jumbo-sized components.

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