Markets - November 2017

Zinc Outlook for 2018

The International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) held its 62nd Session in Lisbon, Portugal on October 26-27. The session included a meeting of the group’s statistical and forecasting committee, which reviewed the current levels of world supply and demand and issued an outlook for 2018.

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Markets - October 2017

Palladium Overtakes Platinum

With the exception of lead and zinc, which posted month-on-month gains of $146 per metric ton (mt) and $77.50/mt, respectively, most metals gave up some of the August gains in September. The big metal pricing story among traders during September was the historically significant event of palladium overtaking platinum. At the end of September, palladium closed at $936 per ounce (oz), compared to $922/oz for platinum, according to Johnson Matthey.

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Markets - July 2017

State of the Mining Market Q1 2017

Activity in the mining industry reflects the global economy generally and industrial production in particular. After encouraging price increases last year, there was a mixed performance for mined commodities during the first three months of 2017. The March quarter overall saw a healthy increase in the price of aluminum and steady improvements for gold, zinc and copper, but flat performances for nickel and iron ore. This reflects the uncertain political and economic environment, but, fortunately, China has started the New Year with its strongest performance in six quarters.
An area of apparent encouragement in the first quarter was the number of initial resource announcements, which rose by one to 14. However, the total value of these new resources slumped from $62.3 billion in the December quarter to an all-time low of $5.9 billion. Base and other metals bore the brunt of this decline, falling from $52.1 billion to under $1.9 billion, with 11 of the 14 new resources being for gold projects.

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Markets - June 2017

Parlaying the Positives of PGMs

On May 17, Chis Griffith, CEO, Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) addressed London Platinum and Palladium Markets during Platinum Week in London. He is passionate about platinum group metals and reminded the group that prices, especially for platinum, are at historically weak levels in real terms in many currencies.
Much of the recent market commentary is about oversupply with platinum and that miners have shown little discipline. “That’s an accusation that has at least the ring of truth about it,” Griffith said. “But it does seem to me unfortunate that we as an industry have allowed other people to dictate the narrative, to accentuate the negative, and to underplay the positive stories.”

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