From the Editor - Steve Fiscor - November 2017

A Trustworthy Voice

As this edition of Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ) was going to press, the top lawyers from Google, Facebook and Twitter had testified before a U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. They were trying to explain how internet trolls had used their social media platforms to spread misinformation in the months leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The spectacle in a lot of ways resembled the antitrust movement that took place 100 years ago and led to the formation of the Federal Trade Commission. The difference this time is that it’s not commodities, such as oil and steel, but information.

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From the Editor - Steve Fiscor - October 2017

Western Australia Seeks Gold Royalty Increase

The last few years have been difficult for gold miners and really tough for gold explorers. This holds true for the miners in gold districts near Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie in Western Australia. And, just as they say they are beginning to feel the effects of recently implemented optimization programs and a recovering gold price, the state government wants to increase the royalty by 50% (See Regional News-Australia, p. 18). It’s created a fierce debate in that part of the world and it has cast a spotlight on Western Australia’s Labor Party.

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From the Editor - Steve Fiscor - September 2017

Mining in the Amazon Makes Headlines

As readers thumb through this edition of E&MJ, they will notice an expanded News section for Latin America. A lot happened in the region last month. The Spence expansion received approval from the Chilean government, but that was somewhat overshadowed by Brazilian President Michel Temer’s decision to clarify mining policy. He issued three mining decrees during August, one of which opened parts of the Amazon, namely Amapá and Pará, to mining. (See Brazil Revises Its Policy on Renca, p. 16.)

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From the Editor - Steve Fiscor - August 2017

Price Swings and the Digital Age.

Last month, we wrote and committed resources to the proposed mining charter in South Africa. In the time between E&MJ being printed, mailed and readers receiving the magazine, sanity prevailed. South Africa reversed course (See Leading Developments, p. 5) and the news story had run its cycle. A former E&MJ editor would occasionally cite the expression that “today’s news is tomorrow’s birdcage liner,” and I immediately thought of him when the news broke. We are happy for the South African miners and we apologize for the inconvenience.

People receive input instantaneously and can react upon it just as quick. It has reshaped how news is delivered and it’s having a similar impact on traders as well as algo trades. Precious metals traders have been discussing the recent downward “spikes” in late June and the first half of July. For example, on June 26, Ross Norman, CEO, Sharps Pixley, reported that at “9:00 [London, GMT+1] gold was rocked by a 56-[metric-ton] (1.8 million ounce) gold sale — but it remains a mystery who ... and why.”

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