Autonomy Takes Center Stage at MINExpo 2016

The vibe at MINExpo 2016, which took place September 26-28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, was fairly predictable, but the leap in technological advancements, especially in the area of autonomous mining, was quite surprising. More than 44,000 people attended the world’s largest mining exposition, according to the U.S. National Mining Association (NMA). That attendance figure was down 15% from four years ago, and it’s understandable considering the current state of the mining market. The general consensus on the show floor was that traffic levels weren’t as slow as many had anticipated.

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150 Years of Editorial Service

This month, E&MJ offers an in-depth report on Newmont Mining Corp. When gold prices started to decline, the company began to optimize operations and sell assets. Lowering operating costs allowed it to invest in operations during the downturn and now they are reaping the rewards.

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Green Shoots for Metals?

As mining companies were releasing their second quarter financials, it was becoming clear that some of the markets for several metals may be turning the corner. Prices for precious metals and iron ore had moved north. Gold miners have seen their market capitalization rise considerably since the beginning of the year. Other areas, especially bulk commodities such as coal, oil sands and potash, have yet to see a rebound.

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Can Kuczynski Unlock Peru’s Potential?

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) won Peru’s presidential runoff election during June. The runoff was between two center-right candidates each of whom promoted a continuation of the country’s pro-development path. The differences, however, were stark. The 77-year-old PPK, a former finance minister and successful investment banker, argued that cutting taxes and reducing the regulatory burden would bring more business into the formal economy and grow revenue for the government. He also promised to reform the police and improve the judiciary system, and make running water available to all Peruvians.

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