Oz Seal has developed a new heavy duty polyurethane seal, the Oz Ultra Performance Polymer. More flexible than the existing Oz Super Red Polymer, the Oz Ultra Performance Polymer is designed for use in heavy duty hydraulic applications requiring high levels of precision positioning. The seal material is made using Oz Seal’s proprietary Poly4-component processing facilities, and is claimed to provide outstanding durability when compared with rubber, plastics and even metals. According to the company, Oz Ultra Performance Polymer can lower maintenance costs and increase productivity by reducing the frequency of seal changes. The material works in extreme temperatures (-20°C to 120°C), remains flexible at low temperatures and has a shelf life of around 30 years. The material also exhibits high pressure resistance of up to 500 bar. Hardness is 95+ to -2 Shore A. Other properties include high extrusion resistance, high chemical and abrasion resistance and hot water resistance. Non-absorbent, the material will also resist ozone, hydrolysis and ultraviolet exposure. The Oz Ultra Performance Polymer comes in a standard range of profiles in both metric and imperial units. Queensland, Australia-based Oz Seal says it can manufacture special profiles of up to 2,100 mm OD in a matter of hours. www.ozseals.com

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